The PharmaLab Conference will cover various topics in interesting conferences and lectures on analytics, bio analytics, microbiology and R&D.

Parallel to the conferences, delegates will have the possibility to get to know companies exhibiting between the different conference rooms.


The Conference will be in the fist day only from the event.
We are pleased to invite all those interested in the above theme to submit abstracts on PharmaLab Conference during 20- 20 June. , 2021 preferably research based papers focusing on one of the conference objectives.


Instructions for making abstract
1. The official language is English.
2. Use Microsoft Word format.
3. Abstract format:
1) Title of the abstract. (In lower case and should be centered.)
2) Name of presenting author.
3) Mailing address for presenting author.
4) Abstract body. (About 600 words or 1page)
5) Times (New) Roman font in 12 pt size and single line spacing.
6) 2.54cm each of left and right page margins.
Deadline abstract submit by 15th May 2021. Selected full papers should be submitted by 15th June., 2021.




Autocontrol Technology in Pharmaceuticals and Medicine Production.
Pharmaceuticals Processes in Atmosphere
Pharmaceuticals Risk Mitigation and Analysis
Pharmaceuticals Process control and simulation
Electrochemical and Biochemical Properties and Applications
Electronic Properties and Device Applications
Energy and environment
Impact of Air Emissions on Human Health
Industrial chemical Pollution
Matching the Pharmaceutical Properties to Medicine Effect.
New technologies and solutions of chemicals & pharmaceuticals.
Pharmaceuticals Process modeling and optimization
Soil Contamination and Pollution Prevention